What you need to know about Maryland

What type of cannabis is best for me?
Because specific strains and methods of consumption vary depending on your medical condition and personal preferences, you should visit Mana to speak to one of our experienced Patient Care Specialists to determine the best cannabis type and method of consumption for you. We have a Clinical Director on staff that can give recommendations based on their medical experience if further assistance is needed.
How do I purchase medical cannabis?
A valid Maryland medical patient ID card is required to purchase cannabis in Maryland.
How do I obtain a Maryland medical patient ID card?

Visit Maryland’s OneStop Portal by clicking HERE and follow the instructions to complete your online application. You will be required to purchase a patient card for $50.


After receiving MMCC approval, you are ready to visit an MMCC registered medical provider to obtain a valid certification. Once fully registered and in possession of a valid certification, you will be able to print your temporary MMCC patient ID card, this will be required to purchase medical cannabis from a licensed Maryland dispensary. To find a list of MMCC registered medical providers by clicking HERE.


After registering and obtaining a valid written certification from a registered provider, you will be able to visit us to purchase medical cannabis. When purchasing medical cannabis at our dispensary, you will be required to present your valid US government-issued photo ID and your patient ID number.

How much cannabis am I allowed to purchase?

Maryland limits the amount of medical cannabis that can be purchased over a rolling 30-day period. No more than 120 grams of flower (approximately four ounces) or 36 grams of concentrated cannabis (such as extracts, edibles, topicals, and cartridges) may be purchased over a 30-day period unless your provider makes a special determination that you need a higher limit.

Can I travel with my medical cannabis?

Possession of cannabis is a violation of federal law and Maryland residents should carefully read the current state statutes regarding the use of medical cannabis and be aware that taking cannabis across state lines is a federal offense. Cannabis is also illegal on federal government property. The State of Maryland laws do not authorize you to travel to other states, jurisdictions, or countries with this medicine in your possession.

Can I smoke cannabis in public?
No, not legally. Maryland law restricts consumption of marijuana to private areas only.

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