Cannabis extracts are any product derived from cannabis flower processed into a highly potent concentrated form.When made properly, a cannabis concentrate/extract is reminiscent of the cannabis strain it was extracted from; the smell, taste, and effects are simply magnified due to a larger concentration by weight. Extracts come in many forms such as Budder, Crumble, Diamonds, Distillate, Live Resin, Pull n’ Snap, Shatter, Wax and more.









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"I love the knowledge and friendliness of the budtenders. They create a very welcoming environment that allows me to enjoy each and every visit. Thank you so much for all that you all do! Greatly Appreciated."
"Staff is phenomenal, very knowledgeable and friendly. Always willing to listen and professional.Pickup is easy and quick. Highly recommended dispensary for new and long-time patients."
"Advice and experience is unmatched by other dispensaries I have tried. Just keep coming back to Mana because I know they have my back."

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There may be health risks associated with consumption of cannabis.