Tinctures come in an alcohol based liquid form contained in a dropper-top bottle. The formulation process uses alcohol as a solvent to extract cannabinoids (THC and CBD) and terpenes from the cannabis plant, resulting in a highly potent and fast acting cannabis-infused product that is administered orally under the tongue. The high potency, quick absorption, and unique delivery method have made tinctures a highly sought-after form of cannabis for medical patients.









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"I went for my 1st time and met the VERY friendly staff, who were knowledgeable and made a suggestion when they ran out of a product. They also explained everything completely and were very patient, and quick! I love the discounts and deals, this place is AWESOME!"
"Online ordering is fast and efficient. They give me exact time for pick-up. Service is always excellent. I pull up in my car and I’m waited on outside within minutes. Never even need to leave my vehicle!"
"Love coming here, especially since it's like my second home. Great deals on 8ths, budtenders are knowledgeable. Everyone down to the security guards are awesome here. Been coming here since it opened, and every time I come here, I feel comfortable, and love that I can joke around with the employees."