Mana Concentrates

Extracts provide a potent form of cannabis and are created using a variety of processes to isolate and preserve essential compounds and cannabinoids found in cannabis. Each step, from the selection of raw flower to the final extraction process, requires great attention to detail and a scientific understanding of cannabis.

Vape Cartridges

Containing higher levels of cannabinoids than flower, cartridges come pre-filled with oils derived from various strains. Easily accessible, functional, portable and discrete, the oil found in vape cartridges can be heated to different temperatures boiling off the active cannabinoids and terpenes to produce an inhalable vapor. Vaping delivers terpenes and cannabinoids to the bloodstream just as quickly as smoking but allows for more precise dosing while also better preserving the cannabinoids and terpenes due to the lower temperature achieved through the vaping process.


Rosin is created by heating flower or hash, folding into a bubble bag screen and then slipping it into a folded piece of silicon parchment paper. More heated pressure is then added, which bursts the trichomes and results in an oil that flows through the screen onto the parchment paper, creating a high-quality product that preserves the terpenes in the process.


Kief is an un-pressed resin powder that is collected by sieving dried flower through mesh screens onto a glass or metal sheet. The final product is rich in terpenes, but must be refrigerated to avoid terpene oxidation and evaporation.


With an amber and glass transparency, Shatter has a reputation of being the cleanest type of extract. No molecules are agitated during the heating process, resulting in an undisturbed glass appearance.


This type of concentrate has a runny consistency, resembling tree sap.

Pull & Snap

The consistency of this type of concentrate falls between shatter and viscous sap.


Wax is a non-transparent, solid oil that has a much softer and crystalline appearance than shatter. Like shatter, wax takes on different consistencies based on moisture, heat and other factors.


This type of concentrate has a thick, grainy texture and very full flavor.


This gooey wax is created with runny oils.


Crumble has a soft and brittle texture that’s produced from hard solid oil.

Live Resin

Freshly harvested flower is flash frozen and maintained frozen through the entire extraction process preserving the cannabinoids and terpenes to create Live Resin. These products contain a higher cannabinoid and terpene profile than concentrates derived from dried or cured flower as these processes degrade terpenes due to exposure to heat, light, oxidation, and physical agitation.

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